Driving Profits through Information

The Data CFO's results driven and profit focused solutions work with small and mid-size businesses to address their needs for long term success. The financial and organizational analysis efforts are designed to give confidence to business owners by addressing areas of concerns.

Why are Profits important?

Profits are the most important and versatile tool for a business.  They are used to build wealth for business owners, improve quality of life for employees and create additional value in the business.   

What is a CFO?

 A CFO is the Chief Financial Officer of a company. The profile of the role has expanded over the years. The role started as a financial engineer whose primary responsibility is accounting and accounting controls. The new CFO profile is one of a “strategic, operationally oriented finance executive who can serve as the business partner to the CEO”.

​All businesses, regardless of size, need someone to perform the activities of a CFO. Large corporations have the ability to hire a CFO and pay them a 6-figure salary. However, small and mid-size businesses typically don’t have the financial ability to tie that much money into the role so they split the duties between the overworked CEO and the tactically focused staff accountant or even worse they just go without. 

CFO Areas of Focus


  •  Assist CEO in formulating the company's future path 
  • Manage execution of strategic business plans
  • Manage execution of supporting tactical initiatives
  • Manage capital resources (budgeting process)
  • Develop KPI's to monitor the company's strategic direction


  • Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team
  • Manage the accounting and human resources departments
  • Oversee the company’s transaction processing systems
  • Implement operational best practices
  • Implement cost cutting opportunities
  • Supervise acquisition due diligence and negotiate acquisitions

Financial Information

  • Oversee the development of Financial and Managerial Reports
  • Report financial results to the CEO and/or the Board of Directors


  • Manage cash flow forecast and cash balances
  • Arrange for debt and equity financing
  • Support funding efforts

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