Driving Profits through Information


60% of small businesses are not profitable, they are either breaking even or losing money.  Of the 40% that are profitable, many of these owners can still find themselves asking these questions while laying in bed at night unable to sleep.  

How do your business profits, operating expenses and owner's compensation compare with other businesses?  The profit chart provides the average profit, owner's compensation, taxes and operating expenses based business revenue ranges. 


CFO Services

Whatever the goals, we will review your financial data to ensure alignment with your business objectives, evaluate any current gaps and implement the changes.

Sample The DataCFO Projects:

  • Monthly CFO Support
  • Cash Flow Management and Improvement
  • Profit Improvement
  • Annual Planning and Budgeting
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Obtain growth or other financings
  • Accounting clean up


Growth Through Acquisition

Are you ready to grow your business by acquiring a competitor or a complimentary business?  There are many things to consider before, during an after the acquisition.  The DataCFO is here to ensure that you get the full value from the acquisition.  

During the acquisition process, The DataCFO can help with:

  • Business owner self-assessment
  • Developing search criteria
  • Search process management
  • Defining unacceptable risks (deal killers)
  • Initial high level due diligence and financial analysis
  • Obtaining financing for the acquisition
  • Developing and managing transition plan
  • Obtaining operating Lines of Credit (post acquisition)